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Varanasi city of light

Varanasi Travels

The great Hindu city of VARANASI, also known as Banaras or Benares, stretches along the River Ganges, its waterfront conquered by long rows of stone ghats where lakhs of pilgrims and residents come for their daily ritual lavation.

Known to the devoted as Kashi, the Luminous – the City of Light, founded by Shiva – Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities in the world. It has retained  its religious life since the sixth century BC in one continuous tradition, in part by remaining outside the mainstream of political activity and historical development of the Subcontinent, and stands at the centre of the Hindu universe, the focus of a religious geography that reaches from the Himalayan cave of Amarnath in Kashmir to India’s southern tip at Kanniyakumari, Puri to the east, and Dwarka to the west. Located next to a ford on an ancient trade route, Varanasi is among the holiest of all tirthas – “crossing places”, that allow the devotee access to the divine and enable gods and goddesses to come down to earth.

It has admired  pilgrims, seekers, sannyasins and students of the Vedas throughout its history, including sages such as Buddha, Mahavira (founder of the Jain faith) and the great Hindu reformer Shankara.

Anyone who dies in Varanasi attains instant moksha, or enlightenment. Widows and the elderly come here to live out their final days, finding shelter in temples, assisted by alms from the faithful. Western visitors since the Middle Ages have marveled at the strangeness of this most alien of Indian cities: the tight mesh of alleys, the religious accouterments, the host of deities – and the proximity of death.

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